Server Upgrades

During Nightime Between 2nd and 17th September 2020


Server upgrade maintenance work will be performed in September 2020 according to the following schedule:


  • Wed-Thu night 2nd-3rd Sep on server 
  • Tue-Wed night 8th-9th Sep on server 
  • Wed-Thu night 9th-10th Sep on server 
  • Tue-Wed night 15th-16th Sep on server 
  • Wed-Thu night 16th-17th Sep (in reserve) 

Upgrades can cause a maintenance outage (during night) on your website and email services from couple of ten minutes to a couple of hours between 11 p.m and 7 a.m. Our Plesk Control Panel and webmail may not be available during the upgrades. Also email arrival may be delayed by a few hours.

(We also reserve rights to reschedule these upgrades in case necessary, for example to night 16th-17th Sep in reserve.) 

Our Plesk Control Panel will be upgraded to latest version called Plesk 18 Obsidian. In addition PHP 7.3 will migrate to latest PHP 7.4. There will be also some other enhancements and new features available after upgrade, for example ImunifyAV malware scanning and removal tool, and SmartWP hosting for reliable automated WordPress AI upgrades.

We kindly ask for your patience during and after the updates. The service may experience brief outages and compatibility issues in the following days. The control panel and webmail user interfaces will be slightly redesigned and some product customizations may be missing at first. However, updates are necessary to maintain server security and latest features.  

Actions required of our customers
Latest versions of WordPress should be compatible with PHP 7.4, but they may be issues with older versions. Also older plugins and themes may be incompatible. We would kindly ask our customers to make sure that your installed application (including its plugins and themes) are upgraded to the latest version and they are compatible with PHP 7.4. 

If your website has been created by a seperate designer, make sure with him/her that your site works with latest PHP 7.4: 

If you are using software installed trought Plesk Control Panel (WordPress Toolkit or Applications), you should update it using Plesk. Please also remember that updates you make on Control Panel are always carried out at the customer's own risk. So before starting any updates, we recommend creating backup from the Control Panel: 

In the event of possible compatibility issues, we can also (as an interim solution) revert customer's PHP to the old version 7.3 basis upon seperate request. 

Modern cloud server solutions
Hostaan Ltd is known for reliable, High Availability, cloud server solutions. With these upgrades and new features, we are moving one step closer to the future, where our servers will be able to offer even more versatile automated solution, especially for WordPress application updates and security maintenance


In addition to the new Smart Updates and ImunifyAV malware scan tools, our range of services will later be expanded to include automated SmartVPS virtual servers, which are especially suitable for resource demanding websites and online stores. In addition, the resale of these products will be also enabled for website designers.

We will inform you about our new products and services later on our website.