Managed Cloud, SmartWoo

and other improvements in our service


Our services were renewed and we will proudly present our new products: Managed Cloud servers and WooCommerce hosting with upkeeping: SmartWoo. Also other services were renewed troughout to much better.


Managed Cloud - your own cloud server


The new Hostaan Managed Cloud is a dedicated, cloud-based server platform utilizing our High Availability technology. On every Manage Cloud server all resources are reserved exclusively for the customer. Unlike shared web hosting services, other sites on the same server can under no circumstances slow down your own site - and you are able to utilize all server resources withouth limits.


The product is suitable for larger WordPress sites or WooCommerce online stores with high disk space or traffic requirements, as an email server for hundreds of mailboxes, or for a digital agency with several hundred of its customer's domains, sites and emails. Bigger Managed Cloud plans are also suitable for sites facing massive visitor spikes, for example as a result of television or social media campaigns.


Managed Cloud is a fully maintained, constantly monitored entity implemented with Hostaan's superior technology. The product is available for simple monthly fee with no other costs attached. Check out Managed Cloud products here:


For our existing customers, we offer a free WordPress site or WooCommerce online store migration to a Managed Cloud environment.


SmartWoo - WooCommerce hosting with upkeep


As another significant new product, we launched SmartWoo WordPress hosting. All SmartWoo plans are using our cloud-based high availability shared server platform for safe and blazingly fast WooCommerce hosting. These plans include a vast amount of disk space and monthly bandwidth to mee the needs of larger online stores.


SmartWoo plans have preinstalled WordPress with WooCommerce plugin, which both are maintained with our Smart Updates technology. In addition to Nginx Caching and WP Super Cache we have included also Speed Kit add-on, which speeds up your online store to even faster compared to regular WP and SmartWP plans. Speed Kit uses Fastly's global CDN plus optimize images and page content for much better performance.


Check out SmartWoo plans here:


Other changes in our services


We are constantly developing our products to better serve our customers. For example, the mandatory name services required in domain name registrations have been perceived as cumbersome in case when customer doesn't need any other servers. To solve this issue, we launch a new Park 1 GB plan, which will be offered for free for our customers who registers or transfers domain with us. The service is - as the name suggests - primarily suitable for domain parking, but it can be used also for static html pages at no extra cost.


Another shortcoming in our product line has been smaller 512 MB mailbox size, which has been perceived as insufficient. So we decided to upgrade the whole product line and now all web hosting plans (except Park 1 GB) have 1 GB mailbox size as standard. In case this proves to be insufficient for invidual customers, this can be increased to 2 GB, 3 GB, 5 GB or even 10 GB with additional service. (We will also add Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 products to our range in the near future, but unfortunatelly this did not make into this reform.)


Larger mailboxes require more space from the server to accommondate the amount of each hosting plan, so for this reason we also had to redesign the disk space limits of our product line, as well as increased the amount of monthly bandwidth and mailbox amounts in some plans, where appropriate.


Each renewed product can be found directly from our website under each category.


Changes in pricing


Unfortunatelly, these changes cannot be implemented in full without also changing our pricing. The highly reliable UpCloud cloud platform and especially UpCloud's MaxIOPs 'faster than ssd' disk space is very expensive. Also, the cost pressures in softare licensing and personnel costs are rising. In order to continue to provide our first-class customer service with the same high quality, we need to hire more employees during 2022, as well as add some more server capacity. Due to these reasons we had to increase our prices.


Also we have aims to begin internationalization within 2022. Preparing for this requires us to declare our prices VAT exclusive from now on (instead of VAT inclusive as we earlier did). This is because VAT is different in each European Union country. Also prices are easier to compare fairly, because our main domestic competitors also report prices already without VAT. In addition, majority of our customers are companies, so VAT is a tax-deductible sum.


Despite the changes we will continue to keep our prices very competitive and cheaper than our main competitors. For example, the price of WP hosting plans starts still only from 4,98 €/month (VAT exclusive) and the Park 1 GB plan is for free (for our customers registering or transfering domain with us). Our renewed product line can be found directly on our website within each product category as follows:



The revamped services have been updated automatically for all existing customers and no further action is required on their side. For our old customers, the price will remain in accordance with the old price list untill the new invoicing period starts. After that the new pricing will be applied, when each customer can decide for themseves wether they want to continue the new service, or, for example change the plan to something else to better suit the current needs of the customer.


Hostaan Ltd. will continue to offer very high-quality, reliable and blazingly fast High Availability server products to more than 2,000 domestic clients at lower price than its competitors. "Fast servers, fast support" will continue to be our service promise.


We warmly welcome all our customers, resellers and partners to continue with us and to benefir from the high-quality added value we generate in their business.


Best regards,


Juha Kouvalainen

CEO, Hostaan Ltd.