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Service outage

on server - fixed


Service occured on server from Sat 2022-10-01 7:21 am. The problem was caused by virtualization platform.


Due to the outage the server experienced a performance issues, and as a result the services on the server did not responded properly or at all. Taking measures to correct the problem was delayed by simultaneous malfunction of our test message operator, which why our monitoring did not receive information about the issue until 9:20 am. The issue immediately started to be fixed after the detection ant the problem was solved by 9:40 am, which after the services run properly.


The root cause of the problem in the virtualization plafform is still being investigated and we will try to ensure that this issue doesn't happen again by server restart later. However, this restart will cause 1-2 minutes of downtime.


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers.