All WordPress installations on Hostaan servers include the Hostaan plugin as a standard. The plugin takes care of your site's speed, testing, optimizing and suggesting fixes for you. The plugin also includes server logs and other WordPress settings for you to manage.

Plugin takes care of your WordPress

WorldPress is an excellent CMS, but in order to work quickly, it requires a broad undestanding of server settings. We have developed a plugin for all of our customers to check and optimize you WordPress to run as fast as possible. The plugin ensures that your WordPress correctly uses caching, memory limits, PHP version, image compression, compatible plugins and many other settings recommended on our servers. The plugin is free of charge and directly available to each of our customers. The plugin can be found in the admin view of your WordPress in the main menu under "Hostaan". We also take care of the automatic update of the plugin.

WordPress plugin


Your WordPress - always optimized by us

Hostaan plugin is implemented in such a way that it does not slow down your site at all. When opened, the plugin performs a single chec of your front page and reviews the WordPress settings giving a recommendations on the suggested optimizations that are recommended to be used on our servers to archieve the best possible speed. The plugin detects also missing or incompetely installed caching plugin and image optimizer, incompatible and unused plugins, Nginx Caching settings, PHP version and WordPress memory settings.


With the Hostaan plugin, you can also adjust the WordPress memory settings, set WordPress to debug mode, and view the server access and error logs via the plugin directly from your WordPress admin interface.

The plugin harnesses Hostaan super-fast technology for your use

Hostaan uses Nginx Caching on server level, which requires the right server settings, cache plugin, image optimizer and memory settings to make your WordPress run optimally. When properly configured, the Nginx server environment is practically as fast and versatile as the LiteSpeed server environment, about which you have surely heard a lot of praise. Hostaan plugin complements our Nginx server environment harnessing its full potential for you use.


By choosing Hostaan as your server provider, you can make sure that your WordPress site always runs fast and optimized, as Hostaan plugin is automatically installed on all WordPress sites located on our server.

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