160 GB

VAT excl.

Managed Cloud 2.0 not Suitable for You?

No worries! Check out our WP, SmartWP and SmartWoo plans. Would any of these hosting plans suit your needs better? 

Excellent reasons to choose us:

Free SSL certificate

For every domain we host Let's Encrypt SSL certificate is provisioned and renewed for free. Browsers will judge your website safe and trustworthy on HTTPS connection. Also search engines show improved rakings. Naturally our servers supports latest HTTP/2 technology out of the box.

Super fast cloud

Managed Cloud 2.0 resides on the Hetzner's super fast cloud platform. In addition to blazing speed, also uptime and reliability are top notch. Naturally we have multiple backups for our customers data, which are stored within the borders of European Union.

Industry Leading Plesk

All of our hosting plans comes with Plesk - the industry leading control panel allowing you to install and update Wordpress with just a few clicks. Also creating email addresses, changing passwords or file transfers are peace of cake for anybody. It's really easy!

Awesome Support

For us fast and expertise customer support is something to be proud of. You can reach our support by phone (during business hours), via email, by chat or by leaving a message. You can be sure to reach us when you have questions or require support for your service.

Do you want to read some more reasons?

Renewed Hostaan Managed Cloud 2.0 is dedicated virtual server placed in Hetzner's cloud and designed for critical services and websites with large disk space or traffic consumption or websites with traffic spikes. When these kind of resources are needed for e.g. WordPress or WooCommerce websites our Managed Cloud 2.0 is the right choise.



VAT excl.

Managed Cloud 2.0


80 GB

Managed Cloud 2.0 Includes:

Cloud Hosting Infrastucture

Resides in Europe (GDPR)

✅ High Availability & Redundancy

✅ Excellent customer support

Based on super fast Hetzner's server insfrastucture

Safety as Standard

✅ Let's Encrypt SSL certificate

✅ SSL encrypted pages & mails

✅ Dual DNS servers

✅ Daily backups

Fast HTTP/2 server

✅ IPv4 and IPv6 support

✅ PHP 8.0 (or 8.1/7.4)

✅ MySQL database (excl. Start)

✅ NginX & Apache support

✅ Overscaled VPS resources

Plesk Control Panel

✅ FTP, SFTP and SSH support

✅ WordPress Toolkit

✅ DNS, GIT, htaccess, crontab

✅ WWW stats, password protect. 

✅ IMAP, POP3, SMTP, Webmail, spam filter and autoresponders

All Resources Are Dedicated For You

Hostaan Managed Cloud 2.0 is fully upkept, High Availability cloud-based dedicated environment with all the resources reserved just for you. Unlike shared web hosting servers, a neighboring site can never slow down or even cause your site to crash. With Managed Cloud 2.0 you can also use all its resouces without limits, which means that the solution is also excellent choice for example centralized e-mail server for hundreds of addresses.

Maintained and Hassle Free

Managed Cloud 2.0 server is provided as a pre-installed, modified and speed-optimized ready-to-go solution that includes Plesk control panel, that allows you to manage your services just as easy as on shared web hosting plans. We will add any available domains for customer per request - or with Reseller Cloud 2.0 you can configure unlimited amount of domains by yourself.


We take care of all server-side updates automatically and monitor the service with 24/7 automation. Our staff will also intervene automatically in case server monitoring requires to do so. In addition, Managed Cloud products include prioritized customer service, which means that we always respond to support requests from Managed Cloud customers first and past queues.

Easy with Single Monthly Payment

Hostaan Managed Cloud 2.0 billing model is made easy for you: the plan is purchased for one fixed monthly fee including practically everything: server installation and customization, cloud provider monthly fees (Hetzner), licenses for Plesk control panel, KernelCare and ImunifyAV+ server software, backups, automatic firewall, WAF firewall and intrusion detection system as well as automatic server status monitoring with alert messages and our staff fees for fixing the issues.


Managed Cloud server can be billed up to only month a time* and withouth committing to a longer billing period.

*) Minimum invoicing period for smallest Managed Cloud 2.0 80-240 GB servers is 3 Months.

Managed Cloud 2.0 Plans:

Managed Cloud 2.0 - 80 GB


✅ For 1-3 domains

80 GB SSD disk space

✅ 8 GB RAM / 2 CPU

20 TB monthly traffic

✅ Plesk, KernelCare, ImunifyAV+ licenses
✅ Pre-installed, optimized, upkept, backups and 24/7 monitored
✅ Firewall, WAF firewall, Intrusion detection

Managed Cloud 2.0 - 160 GB


✅ For 1-6 domains
160 GB SSD disk space

✅ 16 GB RAM / 4 CPU 
20 TB monthly traffic

Plesk, KernelCare, ImunifyAV+ licenses

Pre-installed, optimized, upkept, backups and 24/7 monitored

✅ Firewall, WAF firewall, Intrusion detection system

Managed Cloud 2.0 - 240 GB


For 1-10 domains
240 GB SSD disk space

✅ 32 GB RAM / 8 CPUs
30 TB monthly traffic

✅ Plesk, KernelCare, ImunifyAV+ licenses

Pre-installed, optimized, upkept, backups and 24/7 monitored

✅ Firewall, WAF firewall, Intrusion decetion system



VAT excl.

160 GB



VAT excl.

240 GB

Managed Cloud 2.0 - 360 GB

✅ For 1-15 domains
✅ 360 GB SSD disk space
64 GB RAM / 16 CPUs

✅ 40 TB monthly traffic
✅ Plesk, KernelCare, ImunifyAV+ licenses

✅ Pre-installed, optimized, upkept, backups and 24/7 monitored 

✅ Firewall, WAF firewall, Intrusion detection

For sites and online stores with moderate traffic we recommend:

Got website with huge traffic spikes, TV commercials or social media ads and hundreds of thousands visitors? When you really need the resources, pick one of the following: 

Managed Cloud 2.0 - 600 GB

✅ For 1-20 domains
600 GB SSD disk space

✅ 128 GB RAM / 32 CPUs

✅ 50 TB monthly traffic
✅ Plesk, KernelCare, ImunifyAV+ licenses
✅ Pre-installed, optimized, upkept, backups and 24/7 monitored

✅ Firewall, WAF firewall, Intrusion detection



320 GB

VAT excl.


Managed Cloud 2.0 - 900 GB

✅ For 1-30 domains
✅ 900 GB SSD disk space

✅ 192 GB RAM / 48 CPUs

✅ 60 TB monthly traffic

✅ Plesk, KernelCare, ImunifyAV+ license
✅ Pre-installed, optimized, upkept, backups and 24/7 monitored

✅ Firewall, WAF firewall, Intrusion detection



640 GB

VAT excl.



Superfast European Cloud Servers

Hostaan Managed Cloud 2.0 is utilizing super fast Hetzner's cloud platform residing in Europe. Our 24/7 monitored High Availability cloud servers provides the most resilient and blazingly fast environment for your websites or online stores in all cicumstances. Our service is build in a fault-tolerant cloud-based environment, where virtual servers can be easily spawned from one platform to another, enabling a highly reliable service, unlike traditional services on a single physical device!


Super fast Hetzner's cloud makes your WordPress websites run at blazing speed!

Need servers for reselling? We've got you covered. Check out our Reseller Cloud 2.0!

Update Smartly - with Smart Updates

Smart Updates technology for maintaining WordPress sites is also available for Managed Cloud as paid add-on. With this your WordPress website is updated by us - just the same way as in the SmartWP and SmartWoo hosting plans. You save time and you can focus on the content of your WordPress or WooCommerce online store! 

Blazing Fast with NginX and Redis caching

Server level NginX Caching is also included in Managed Cloud with no extra cost, and can be freely switched on to any domain on your Managed Cloud server. Also Redis Object Cache is available on default and can be utilized in WordPress with Redis Object Cache plugin. This type of caching speeds up especially WordPress websites and WooCommerce online stores on your dedicated server platform. It is possible to get loading times as fast as 0.3 seconds using this type of caching. (See the speed test here.)

Malware Blocking and Removal

ModSecurity application firewall proactively blocks most attacks and threaths againts WordPress, but in addition, all websites on our servers are automatically scanned with ImunifyAV antivirus, malware detection and removal tool. If, for any reason, your WordPress site becomes infected due to malware, you will be notified immediately. In addition, you can clean the infected site just with a single click trough our control panel.







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Got interested but still unsure about Managed Cloud 2.0? Contact us and describe your needs to request a quote for Managed Cloud 2.0 plan that suits you best. 

If you are already our customer, we can also easily migrate your existing site to dedicated Managed Cloud environment.

Managed Cloud 2.0 vs. Reseller Cloud 2.0

Managed Cloud 2.0 servers comes standard with Plesk license that allows you to host limited numbers of domains depending on the server plan. However, Reseller Cloud 2.0 is for digital agencies that need to freely add unlimited amount of domains hosted on this server. This allows you to configure as many as customers, subscriptions, domains, email accounts and so on on the same server, distributed freely to your own customers. You can even brand the server with your own logos and set you own hosting plans plus create own accounts for your customers.


Reseller Cloud 2.0 is the ultimate solutions for Digital Agencies for reselling their WordPress hosting with their WordPress hosting with their own limits, pricing and brand.

Manage Cloud 2.0 for Heavy Usage:



For Digital Pros!



We also offset your server CO2 emissions by planting trees in Finland. Read more

Ready to order Managed Cloud 2.0?

If you already know Managed Cloud 2.0 is what you need - go ahead and order it!

First pick a server name for your Managed Cloud 2.0 server. This is always subdomain of .hostaan.tld and its needed only for technical management. The name doesn't affect your domains, which are not yet needed at this point.

After receiving your order, we will start prepairing the server. Delivery time for Managed Cloud servers is a few business days. You will receive notification in your email when the server is ready for you.

After the server is ready, you will receive instructions for setting up the services and you will be able to manage them on the server.

You can expand the resources of Managed Cloud 2.0 server to larger one at any time. The server scales with the growth of your company.


Free WordPress Migration Included

Have you already got WordPress site on other server, but don't know how to migrate it to us? Let us help you. Free migration* is available for our Managed Cloud 2.0 plans by request. Just mention about it in your Managed Cloud 2.0 order and provide us access to your WordPress admin area. We will take care of migration for you.


*) Migration requires access to your WordPress admin area and installing All-in-One WP Migration plugin. Free migration is not available from sites residing in WordPress.com or sites migrated to Hostaan.dev or RESELLER Cloud 2.0.