Do you design WordPress websites for your customers? Recommend our web hosting services and receive fair comission for every plan ordered trough us - at best even recurring!

Make Money by Recommending Our Services


We pay a one-time 20% commission on each order placed by a new customer - but for WP Pro 15 GB or larger or any of the SmartWP / SmartWoo plans or Managed Cloud 80 GB or larger you will receive a recurring commission - ie each billing period customer pays, you will receive a new commission. Unlike with other hosting provider's affiliate programs, we pay the commission also from registered domains, service add-on's and any other supplemential payments related to customer's initial order.


As our partner, you get a partner logo and an affiliate link, which you can offer directly to your customer - or add to your website leading traffic to make orders. The cookie installed on the subscriber's browser lasts up to 30 days, so orders made later will be linked to your partnership ID. When you order a hosting for your client, you can use this same link and you will get the commission to every customer you bring to us.

Affiliate Program

Follow Sales in Real Time

On your partnership extranet, you can see all refered customers, invoices and commissions - of course in real time. Our system also notifies when minimum billing amount has accumulated, allowing you to bill cumulated commissions.


Can I join the program and charge fees even if I don't have a company?

Our affiliate program is primarily for companies designing websites, but there is nothing to stop you from joining the program, even if you don't have a business. You can implement a referral website and obtain resale commissions, but you should be able to bill the commissions trought some entrepreneurship service or cooperative. In case you are a VAT payer, you can add VAT on the tp of the invoiced amount

Why Become a Hostaan Partner?

We offer low-cost, highly reliable and fast web hosting service that are easy to recommend to your own customers. In addition:


✅ Benefit by receiving a good 20% commission on all orders you refer - some even recurring!

✅ You can follow sales in real time trough our partnership extranet

✅ Your company will be able to join our partner introduction page, and will receive requests for quotations from our customers that need website designing.

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Get started today! Join the affiliate program by fillling out the form below. If your company wants to be involved in an upcoming partner presentation, also upload your company logo.

If you are already our customer, the partnership will be added to your existing customer ID. Otherwise, we'll create a new reselled ID for you. 

Hostaan Ltd is your reliable hosting parner for years to come  

Unlike many other web hosting services, we really DO offer fast and expertise customer support. With us, you and your customers get blazing fast WordPress hosting, reliable email services and domain registration. We seek for partners to grow and flourish together.


We are family business made with love from Kuopio, Finland!


Attached logo can be published (or logo can be taken from our website). I also understand that I need to add affiliate link to my website OR resell these services befor my logo is added to partner pages.