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Hostaan Ltd. is one of Finland's fastest growing companies offering cloud-based web hosting services for more than 2,000 domestic customers. We are focused on very fast and reliable WordPress hosting and are proud to serve our customers with expertise and very fast response times, but with competetive prices. Our headquarters is located in Kuopio, Eastern Finland but we have servers in Helsinki, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. We are currently growing at an annual rate of over 200% and are constantly looking for talented people to join our team.


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A Good Workplace is made Together!


A cozy and good-natured work environment is created by working together. By working in team, we support each other in solving problems, but at the same each of us can have responsibility of own work. With us, you are part of our fair and flexible family, where no one is left alone.


In our opinion, a pleasant job is created byt suitably sized challenges, meaningful work tasks and the opportunity to learn and develop. The most rewarding thing in work is a satisfied customer and the feeling of success.

Come and do meaningful work


With us, you get to do work that matters: offer solutions to our customer's problems, create the best possible customer experience, and develop yourself versatilely in areas related to Internet server maintenance, programming, communications and content management and production. Contunuity and permanence is an important part of our operations, so we typically look for motivated, committed and willing to learn experts for permanent employment - with regular, competetive monthly salary and other benefits.

A job you can be really proud of


Our concept of excellent customer service leaves no single customer contact unanswered. We do our work promplty, carefully and expertly, but also without delays. We act in all situations in accordance with our values: always ethically, always fairly towards our customers and worthy of the trust we receive from them. Our customer sare ultimately our superiors, and pay our salaries. Hostaan Ltd. is known for its excellent and fast customer service and the high operational reliability of its services. Join us in building the best hosting customer experience in Finland!

100% Finnish Company


With us, you work in a 100% Finnish, domestically owned family company. We employ people in Finland and pay all our taxes to Finland. We value each of our employees, and to us you are irreplaceably valuable - not a replacable par of the system.

We offer room to grow and develop


We aim for strong growth and internationalization. Our turnover has grown by more than 200% annually. As a startup company, we can offer the opportunity for excellent career and fair, growing salary based on your skills, motivation, commitment, desire to learn and the amount of work you commit. We typically reward good success and development by reviewing the salary annually. In addition, we also offer the flexibility in working ours and additional earnings by participating in various on-call duties.

Environmental Choice


Our hosting service is produced with low-power, non-physical virtual servers that require much less energy than ordinary physical servers. Also some of our data centers are using 100% green energy - the rest's carbon footprint we will compensate by planting trees in Finland! By choosing us you will make carbon neutral choice and are fighting against climate change.

Do you feel you could join our team?

We are constantly looking for new employees to complement our expertise. If you were convinced and are interested in the career oportunities we offer, please contact us.


Currently there are no open positions, but you can submit your own application using the form in the bottom of this page. 

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