About Us

Hostaan Ltd is an European Internet Service Provider located in Finland. We offer shared web hosting and email services, domain registrations and sitebuilder tool with excellent customer service.


We do not make compromises to mediocrity. With us you can be sure that your website is hosted with the highest standards and lowest latency on World's fastest cloud service platform - UpCloud. When you need our support, we will respond quickly and profiency. Still our competitive prices are well within the tightest of budgets.

Hosting Expertise for over a decade


We have built the expertise over a decade in a previous web hosting business that grew to the one of the biggest hosting providers in Finland. So every aspect of our service and server technology has been designed and pretested well over the years. We are eager to offer you the ultimate hosting experience - and want to fulfill that promise too - if you decide to have your web sites and emails to be hosted with us.

Top Level Performance - Monitored 24/7


Our servers are located in best European cloun infrastucture providers - UpCloud and Hetzner. These cloud platforms have high service level aggreement and superfast cloud service technologies In addition we utilize leading Plesk Control Panel to deploy server resources, that are always overprovisioned to make sure your websites open swiftly and emails are always available. Naturally the system is automatically monitored 24/7.

Great support that serves you

We offer support that is reachable and responsive. We promise to reply every question swiftly and expertly. Call us ja we will answer on business hours usually immediately. Send us email and you will receive response even within hours - but at least on the next business day. You can also reach us by chat or leaving a message.

European servers and GDPR Compliancy


Our company is in Finland but our servers are available in multiple cloud data centers. Currently we have servers in Finland, Sweden, UK, Germany, Neatherlands, Poland, Spain, USA, Singapore and Australia. All the European's customer data is stored and backupped within the borders of European Union - so your data is also safe under European GDPR legislation.

Very Affordable Pricing


Even the top quality web hosting services must necessarily not cost much, if they are designed right. We decided to set ultra competetive pricing, as modern cloud server resources are today much cheaper than physical servers years ago. Because of this we can provide top quality WordPress web hosting services with ultra competivice pricing that starts from 5,98€/month!   

Environmental Choice


Our hosting service is produced with low-power, non-physical virtual servers that require much less energy than ordinary physical servers. Also some of our data centers are using 100% green energy - the rest's carbon footprint we will compensate by planting trees in Finland! By choosing us you will make carbon neutral choice and are fighting against climate change.

Quick Deployment & Satisfaction Guarantee


Credit card is not required with us. We will process your web hosting order very swiftly usually within hours on business days and register the domains immediately - even before your payment has arrived. In addition we offer 14 days satisfaction money back guarantee - no questions asked. (The domain registration prices are not included in that).