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When you visit Hostaan Ltd's website and other online services, your device receives cookies, which are sent from our server to your browser. By using our services you consent to the use of cookies.


What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file stored on a user's device. Cookies do not harm your device or your files. There are persistent and session-specific cookies. Persistent cookies remain on your device only for a specified period of time, after which they are deleted either automatically or when you delete cookies from your browser. Session cookies only remain on your device for the time spent on our online service and are deleted when you close your browser.


Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to improve the user experience of our online services, to monitor the use of our services as well as to improve the services we provide. For example, cookies allow use to remember your language settings you choose in our online services or to provide chat support on our website. We also use cookies for visitor analytics and marketing targeting so that we can provide you with content that is interesting as possible.


How can I block the cookies?

Most browsers accept cookies by default. However, you can block and delete cookies in the settings of your browser or the device you are using. This may reduce the usability of our website. Deleting cookies from your browser's history will reset your cookies, but it will not complitely disable them.


Alternatively, you can also use your browser's private browsing mode (or "ingocnito" mode).


You can find instructions for deleting cookies in commonly used browsers at the following links:


Cookies used by third parties

In addition to the cookies included to provide our online services, we also use third-party cookies, such as cookies from server control panel provider and various web analytics services. The following third-party cookies are used:



Third-party cookies data is subject to their own cookie and privacy policies, and we are not responsible for the collection or processing of third-party data. You can view third-party cookie policy on the website of each party by clicking on the links above. If you want to block cookies set by third parties, you can use your browser settings.


We reserve the right to make changes

Hostaan Ltd reserves the right to change these cookie policies without prior notice. When using our services, you will see the up-to-date cookie policy on this page.

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