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Hostaan Ltd is an Internet service provider created by professionals with over 15 years of experience on web hosting services. As a modern cloud hosting company we dediced to reshape the hosting industry standards with our service.

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Server upgrades on Mon-Tues and Wed-Thurs nights from 11:00 pm from December 2023 to June 2024


Our server infrastructure will be upgraded from December until June 2024. Upgrades will be executed on the nights between Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday from 11:00 pm. We will try to minimize the inconvenience to our customers by carrying out the upgrades during nighttime.


✅︎ Additions on 8th Dec 2023: Added servers fi23-24 to the list to be updated and added to the updateable operating system version Debian 12, the database server version MariaDB 10.11 and the new PHP version 8.3.


During the nighly maintenance window between 11 pm and 07 am, approximately 1-2 hours server outaget may occure once on each of the updated server. During this time customer websites, webmail interfaces or control panel may not be accessible. Also email delivery might be delayed for couple of hours.


Our server infrastructure to be updated consists of a total of more than 60 virtual servers, including most of our shared servers, as well as dedicated Managed Cloud and Managed Cloud Agency servers. Each of these will be updated according to the following schedule, starting at 11 pm at each night.


NOTE! We have notified our Managed Cloud and Managed Cloud Agency customers of the specific update date seperately by email. In the public list below, the Managed Cloud updates have been anonymized for privacy reasons.


Customers of our shared servers should check the list for the update date of their own servers and mark it down for themselves, in which case the outage is known in advance and they can prepare for it.



December 2023


  • Mon-Tue 4-5 Dec 2023: Managed Cloud upgrades
  • Thu-Fri 7-8 Dec 2023: Managed Cloud upgrades
  • Mon-Tue 11-12 Dec 2023: Managed Cloud upgrades
  • Wed-Thu 13-14 Dec 2023: Managed Cloud upgrades
  • Mon-Tue 18-19 Dec 2023: (on reserve)

January 2024

  • Mon-Tue 8-9 Jan 2024: Managed Cloud upgrades

  • Wed-Thu 10-11 Jan 2024: Managed Cloud upgrades
  • Mon-Tue 15-16 Jan 2024: Managed Cloud upgrades

  • Wed-Thu 17-18 Jan 2024: Managed Cloud upgrades
  • Mon-Tue 22-23 Jan 2024: server

  • Wed-Thu 24-25 Jan 2024: server

  • Mon-Tue 29-30 Jan 2024: server and

  • Wed-Thu 31 Jan - 1 Feb 2024: server and

February 2024


  • Mon-Tue 5-6 Feb 2024: server
  • Wed-Thu 7-8 Feb 2024: server

  • Mon-Tue 12-13 Feb 2024: server

  • Wed-Thu 14-15 Feb 2024: server

  • Mon-Tue 19-20 Feb 2024: server
  • Wed-Thu 21-22 Feb 2024: server
  • Mon-Tue 26-27 Feb 2024: Managed Cloud upgrades
  • Wed-Thu 28-29 Feb 2024: (on reserve)

March 2024


  • Mon-Tue 4-5 Mar 2024: (on reserve)
  • Wed-Thu 6-7 Mar 2024: (on reserve)
  • Mon-Tue 11-12 Mar 2024: server
  • Wed-Thu 13-14 Mar 2024: server

  • Mon-Tuei 18-19 Mar 2024: server

  • Wed-Thu 20-21 Mar 2024: server

  • Mon-Tue 25-26 Mar 2024: Managed Cloud upgrades
  • Wed-Thu 27-28 Mar 2024: Managed Cloud upgrades

April 2024


  • Mon-Tue 1-2 Apr 2024: server

  • Wed-Thu 3-4 Apr 2024: server
  • Mon-Tue 8-9 Apr 2024: server

  • Wed-Thu 10-11 Apr 2024: server
  • Mon-Tue 15-16 Apr 2024: server
  • Wed-Thu 17-18 Apr 2024: server
  • Mon-Tue 22-23 Apr 2024: server
  • Wed-Thu 24-25 Apr 2024: server
  • Mon-Tue 29-30 Apr 2024: (on reserve)

May 2024


  • Wed-Thu 1-2 May 2024: Managed Cloud upgrades
  • Mon-Tue 6-7 May 2024: server (will affect on our own website and services)
  • Wed-Thu 8-9 May 2024: server
  • Mon-Tue 13-14 May 2024: Managed Cloud upgrades
  • Wed-Thu 15-16 May 2024: Managed Cloud upgrades
  • Mon-Tue 20-21 May 2024: Managed Cloud upgrades
  • Wed-Thu 22-23 May 2024: Managed Cloud upgrades
  • Mon-Tue 27-28 May 2024: Managed Cloud upgrades
  • Wed-Thu 29-30 May 2024: Managed Cloud upgrades

(There may also be small shifts in the mentioned schedules and some servers may have to be updated, for example, on the reserve days.)


Upgrades are necessary, as each server's operating system will reach the end of life (Debian 10 Long Term Support lifecycle ends in the summer of 2024). During the upgrade we will update the operating system to Debian 12. The only visible technical change should be the MariaDB database version upgrade from 10.3 to 10.11, which should not cause any noticeable compatibility issues in WordPress environments. Also PHP 8.3 will come available in addition to current PHP versions.


Upgrade enables security updates for the servers for Debian 12, keeping server functional and secure for the next four years period. Operating system updates have to be made on services on average once every two years.


We kindly ask for your patience after the updates. The service may experience short interruptions and compatibility issues in the following days. Updates are necessary to maintain the securitys.


These upgrades does not require special preparation from our customers, but of course, for example any larger website content updates, advertising campaigns and such should be avoided around the planned upgrade night.


30th Oct 2023 (Updated: 8th Dec 2023)