Did you find these plans insufficient for you?

If your agency needs more resources for your development and production websites, we would recommend our Managed Cloud Unlimited platform.

Excellent reasons to choose us:

Free SSL certificate

For every domain we host Let's Encrypt SSL certificate is provisioned and renewed for free. Browsers will judge your website safe and trustworthy on HTTPS connection. Also search engines show improved rakings. Naturally our servers supports latest HTTP/2 technology out of the box.

World's fastest cloud

Our servers are built on the World's fastest cloud platform - UpCloud. In addition to blazing speed, also uptime and reliability are top notch. Naturally we have multiple backups for our customers data, which are stored within the borders of European Union.

Industry Leading Plesk

All of our hosting plans comes with Plesk - the industry leading control panel allowing you to install and update Wordpress with just a few clicks. Also creating email addresses, changing passwords or file transfers are peace of cake for anybody. It's really easy!

Awesome Support

For us fast and expertise customer support is something to be proud of. You can reach our support by phone (during business hours), via email, by chat or by leaving a message. You can be sure to reach us when you have questions or require support for your service.

Do you want to read some more reasons?


Hostaan.dev is a platform for website developers and WordPress agencies to easily deploy, manage, build and also upkeep WordPress websites in our centralized cloud server environment without purchasing hosting for client. New WordPress installation can be deployed in seconds and you will be able to build and demo your site to your client in no time.


Reg. 5,00€/mo

WordPress Dev Tool


12 Mo's


Our Server Environment Includes:

Cloud Hosting Infrastucture

Resides in Europe (GDPR)

✅ High Availability & Redundancy

✅ Excellent customer support

Based on World's fastest UpCloud's server insfrastucture

Safety as Standard

✅ Let's Encrypt SSL certificate

✅ SSL encrypted pages & mails

✅ Dual DNS servers

✅ Daily backups

Fast HTTP/2 server

✅ IPv4 and IPv6 support

✅ PHP 8.3 (or 7.4-8.2)

✅ MySQL database (excl. Start)

✅ NginX & Apache support

✅ Overscaled VPS resources

Plesk Control Panel

✅ FTP, SFTP and SSH support

✅ WordPress Toolkit

✅ DNS, GIT, htaccess, crontab

✅ WWW stats, password protect. 

✅ IMAP, POP3, SMTP, Webmail, spam filter and autoresponders


Deploy WordPress sites instantly

With our development environment you are able to deploy new WordPress installation in seconds - including plugins and themes of your choise. You can manage all of your installations under single account and server environment is identical to production environment, so you will have no compatibility issues when moving site to production.

Clone, hide and backup

Hostaan.dev WP development platform includes all powerful tools for WordPress management: You can easily clone your site to another installation, backup it or hide development site from search engines. You can also manage all of your WordPress installations in centralized location and i.e. install, update or remove plugins to multiple WordPress installations at once. Naturally login to WordPress admin is on single sign on.


When you want to demo the site to your clients you can for example set it up in subdomain https://clientsite.yourdigiagency.com

Publish the way you choose

When site is ready to be published, you can either order web hosting from us directly to customer, migrate the site to it and receive a 20% commission according to the Hostaan.partners affiliate program for all new customers brought to us.


Alternaively, you can order the WP, SmartWP or SmartWoo hosting plans directly to your own Hostaan.dev account, take care of the costs of the service yourself and refine it the way you want (for example including WordPress maintenance from you) and bill the end customer with a margin of your choise.


In both cases, the ultra fast Hostaan WordPress hosting is at your disposal.

Choose Your Dev Tool Plan

Dev Lite


5 WordPress projects
10 GB disk space
⭐ (120%)
⭐ (1 GB)


✅ 1 user account

Deployment, cloning, staging and backups with just a few clicks

Developed sites in you.hostaan.tld/site

Dev Pro


10 WordPress projects

20 GB disk space
✅ CPU: ⭐⭐ (150%)
✅ RAM: ⭐⭐ (1.5 GB)

Unlimited user accounts

Deployment, cloning, staging and backups with just a few clicks

✅ Developed sites in *.yourdomain or you.hostaan.tld/site

Dev Agency


20 WordPress projects

✅ 40 GB disk space pool

✅ CPU: ⭐⭐⭐ (200%) 
✅ RAM: ⭐⭐⭐ (2 GB) 

✅ Unlimited user accounts

Deployment, cloning, staging and backups with just a few clicks

✅ Developed sites in *.yourdomain or you.hostaan.tld/site


VAT excl.

10 WP sites



VAT excl.

20 WP Sites

Develop WordPress sites easily and swiftly directly in our cloud server.

Hostaan.Management - Centralized WordPress Management

Hostaan.dev environment also includes Hostaan.management features. This means that you can centrally manage all WordPress sites located on your Hostaan.dev account, using only single sign-on.


Centralized Management of all WordPress installations

This feature is coming soon! It will allow you to connect every WordPress installation to this single sign-on interface for centralized management, regardless of which server they are installed on.

Order Now and get 12 Mo's for Free!

Select your development domain - for .hostaan.tld's Dev Lite is for free for one year!

First pick a domain for your development environment. You can also select free .hostaan.tld ending to get free Dev Lite plan - or if you don't need a seperate domain for your environment.

You can cancel your order at anytime - also after receiving the next invoice for the next period. If you want to continue your order, just pay the bill (from 5,00€/mo).

After we receive your order the developement environment will be configured for you and you can begin to deploy developement sites under selected URL.

You can customize the amount of cloud resources at anytime. Service will grow by your needs.

Need larger WordPress developer plans? Dev Premium, Business and Enterprise plans are also available.

Update Smartly - with Smart Updates

Smart Updates technology for maintaining WordPress sites is included in your development environment* for you to test how does it work - and it's also available in SmartWP and SmartWoo plans. Choose either for your production site and you will find out how easy and safe our algoritm-based auto-regression WordPress updates are - and you can omit the manual work steps in updating your sites. You save time and you can still bill your customers for upkeeping their sites!


*) Smart Updates technology is not included in Dev Lite plan

Super-Speed with NginX caching


Provide your customers with a blazing fast WordPress user experience with NginX server caching. It speeds up published site performance, especially with internal WordPress caching plugins by caching static content at the front end proxy. The cache is default on SmartWP and SmartWoo plans, but available also as free add-on for all WP plans by request. When set up with plugins like WP Rocket or WP Super cache loading times as low as 0.3 seconds can be archieved.  (See the speed test here.)

Malware Blocking and removal

ModSecurity application firewall proactively blocks most attacks and threaths against WordPress, but in addition, all websites on our servers are automatically scanned with ImunifyAV antivirus, malware detection and removal tool. If, for any reason, your WordPress site becomes infected due to malware, you will be notified immediately. In addition, you can clean the infected site just with a single click trough our control panel.



We also offset your server CO2 emissions by planting trees in Finland. Read more