Excellent reasons to choose us:

Free SSL certificate

For every domain we host Let's Encrypt SSL certificate is provisioned and renewed for free. Browsers will judge your website safe and trustworthy on HTTPS connection. Also search engines show improved rakings. Naturally our servers supports latest HTTP/2 technology out of the box.

World's fastest cloud

Our servers are built on the World's fastest cloud platform - UpCloud. In addition to blazing speed, also uptime and reliability are top notch. Naturally we have multiple backups for our customers data, which are stored within the borders of European Union.

Industry Leading Plesk

All of our hosting plans comes with Plesk - the industry leading control panel allowing you to install and update Wordpress with just a few clicks. Also creating email addresses, changing passwords or file transfers are peace of cake for anybody. It's really easy!

Awesome Support

For us fast and expertise customer support is something to be proud of. You can reach our support by phone (during business hours), via email, by chat or by leaving a message. You can be sure to reach us when you have questions or require support for your service.

Do you want to read some more reasons?

Do you only need domain parking for registering a domain? Or do you also need to control DNS settings for pointing your domain to external services? In both cases we have suitable solution in our variety of plans.





VAT excl.

Free domain parking or




All of our plans includes:

Cloud Hosting Infrastucture

Resides in Europe (GDPR)

✅ High Availability & Redundancy

✅ Excellent customer support

Based on World's fastest UpCloud's server insfrastucture

Safety as Standard

✅ Let's Encrypt SSL certificate

✅ ImunifyAV+ malware scanner

✅ Dual DNS servers

✅ Daily backups

Fast HTTP/2 server

✅ IPv4 and IPv6 support

✅ PHP 8.0 (or 8.1/7.4)

✅ MySQL database (WP plans)

✅ NginX & Apache support

✅ Overscaled VPS resources

Plesk Control Panel

✅ FTP, SFTP and SSH support

✅ WordPress Toolkit

✅ DNS, GIT, htaccess, crontab

✅ WWW stats, password protect. 

✅ IMAP, POP3, SMTP, Webmail, spam filter and autoresponders

Easy DNS Managing

When you register or transfer your domain to us, you get the Park plan with 1 GB disk space for free. This is suitable for domain parking or static HTML websites. However, if you need to manage DNS settings, such as redirecting web or email traffic to e.g. Wix.com, Shopify, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 or such 3rd party services - your choise is DNS plan that gives you full access to DNS settings trough our Plesk Control Panel. This plan is available at an affordable price from 0,99€/Month.

DNS Management as a service

Do DNS settings seem difficult to set yourself? No worries. Our DNS plan includes making changes to all DNS settings upon request as as service we offer free of charge. All you have to do is provide us with the records you want to modify for your domain, and our excellent customer support will make the changes to your DNS settings for you in no time. Alternatively, we also guide you in using the control panel.

Domain Parking and DNS plans


Suitable for parking domain for later usage


✅ Suitable for registering or transfering domain just for parking

✅ 1 GB disk space for static HTML websites
✅ 10 GB bandwidth
❌ No email services

❌ No MySQL databases

❌ No WordPress support


When you need to manage domain DNS settings


Full DNS management for e.g. A and MX record settings

✅ DNS Management available also as an service for free
✅ Suitable for e.g. pointing domain to Wix.com, Shopify, Microsoft 365 etc


When you have your own nameservers for your domain


Suitable when you want to register or transfer domain with us and you have nameservers from 3rd party provider



Reg. 1,98€/Mo*




VAT excl.



Choose the most suitable plan for your domain parking or DNS hosting:

Do you need emails too?

Are you pointing your domain web traffic to Wix, Shopify or other third party provider? Would you also like to use email addresses based on your domain? This is possible. Instead of DNS plan choose one of our Email hosting plans. All of them include the same DNS management features, so you can simultaniously both point your web traffic but also create the selected amount of mailboxes based on your own domain. It is also possible to update to email hosting plan later at any time.

Domain parking or DNS hosting

Make a great decision today and domain from us either with free domain parking or with affordable DNS hosting. Submit your domain below:

Have you already got domain on other server provider, which you want to transfer to us?

Do you want to register/maintain your domain from other provider and point it to us?



Reg. 1,98€/Mo




Do you also need web hosting?

Are you pointing your domain email traffic to Google Workspace or Microsoft 365? Would you also need web hosting for your home pages? This is possible too. Instead of DNS plan choose one of our WordPress hosting plans or sitebuilder plans. All of our web hosting plans include the same DNS management features, so you can simultaniously both point your email traffic but also create awesome web site with WordPress or sitebuilder. It is also possible to upgrade to any web hosting plans later at any time.

Business, Corporate and Enterprise also available