Hostaan's reliable and secure email services are located in EU and under GDPR. Send email from professional looking own domain addresses.




Reg. 2.98€/mo

Forget @gmail and @hotmail! Send emails from your own domain and give a professional image of you and your products and services - and sell more. Our email services are suitable for inviduals, small businesses as well as larger companies and organizations. Roundcube webmail is compatible with all devides from desktop to mobile. POP3/IMAP/SMTP is also available.

your own domain!

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Create and Manage Your Email accounts by yourself

On our service you can manage your email addresses with leading Plesk Control Panel. You can create email addresses, set unlimited amount of email aliases, define autoreplies, set email forwarders etc. You can even give rights to your employees or family members to control their own mailbox settings.

Read and Send emails from anywhere

Hostaan email is available on all platforms and devices, from anywhere in the world.


✅ You can access your emails with any web browser via our webmail

✅ Our mail servers also supports POP3/IMAP mail protocols (i.e. Outlook, Thunderbird)

✅ You can also access our SMTP server to send emails from our mail system

✅ All of our email servers residedes within EU under GDPR laws. (Your data is safe)

What is included in Hostaan email?

Email Service

✅ 1-20 mailboxes

✅ Mailbox size 1 GB/pc

✅ Additional sizes available

POP3, IMAP, SMTP & Webmail 

Web Hosting Service

Our plans includes both email and web hosting

Both Website builder and WordPress are available

Full Domain Support

✅ Email addresses are based on your domain name

Free SSL certificate included

✅ Register or transfer your perfect domain (from 0,99€/Mo)

Excellent Customer Support

✅ You can reach us by phone, email or chat.

✅ European cloud servers

 Service produced with GDPR compliancy

it's time to order excellent email service!

You will need mail hosting and a domain name (from 0,99 €/Mo) and you are good to go to create email addresses in our servers. You can order these from our customer portal. All orders are processed swiftly - on business hours on the same day, or at least on the next business day. You will receive invoice by regular mail or email by your choice. We also provide 14 days money back guarantee - no questions asked!


(For ordering you will need your current email address to receive service instructions. 14 days money back guarantee excludes any domain registration fees.)





Reg. 1.98€/mo

Compatible with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 solutions

We also support Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 in case you want to use your domain with these email providers. Just let us know and provide us required DNS records from your Google Workspace or Office 365 account. Google Workspace isalso available for purchase directly from us.


We offset all of our CO2 emissions by planting trees in Finland. Read more





Reg. 2.98€/mo


Hostaan Email Hosting Plans

Email Lite

Suitable for personal, freelancer or entepreneur email


1 mailbox (1 GB)

✅ Webmail, IMAP, POP
SMTP server, Plesk
✅ Unlimited aliases

Incl. 1 GB disk space

✅ 10 GB bandwidth

Autoresponders, Spamassassin filtering

✅ HTML website, easily expandable also for WP or Sitebuilder hosting

Email Super

Designed for family or small business email


5 mailboxes (1 GB)

✅ Webmail, IMAP, POP
✅ SMTP server, Plesk
✅ Unlimited aliases

✅ Incl. 5 GB disk space

 50 GB bandwidth

Autoresponders, Spamassassin filtering
 HTML website, easily expandable also for WP or Sitebuilder hosting

Email Business

Best choice for medium-sized companies or associations


20 mailboxes (1 GB)

✅ Webmail, IMAP, POP
✅ SMTP server, Plesk
✅ Unlimited aliases

✅ Incl. 20 GB disk space

200 GB bandwidth

Autoresponders, Spamassassin filtering

HTML website, easily expandable also for WP or Sitebuilder hosting




VAT excl.





VAT excl.


Choose the most suitable plan for your email needs

Easy mailbox content migration

Are you moving to us from another service provider? Do you want to keep the old messages in your inbox even after this? Don't worry. We have an easy import tool which you can use to import* the email content from the old server.


*) Importing emails requires that IMAP connection between servers can be established. The old IMAP Server name, email account and password are required for importing. By default the process must be done by customer. Importing the emails also requires that the content can fit into new server mailbox (standard size is 1 GB). ORder larger email boxes as an additional service if needed.


Additional mailboxes easily

Do you need more mailboxes but don't want to jump to bigger plan yet? No problem. You can easily expand all of our email plans with additional mailboxes with an affordable monthly price of one euro per extra mailbox. This add-on will also add one gigabyte of total disk space to the plan.


per mailbox



Extra mailbox

Larger Mailbox size available

Our mailboxes have a standard size of 1 GB per each. Althought the quantity is very sufficient for basic use, in some cases larger email boxes are needed. The mailbox size can be increased with the following additional service*, which increases the maximum size of all mailboxes in the plan:


✅ Larger 2 GB mailboxes: +2 €/month
✅ Larger 3 GB mailboxes: +4 €/month
✅ Larger 5 GB mailboxes: +8 €/month
✅ Larger 10 GB mailboxes: +18 €/month


*) The add-on increases the total limit of mailboxes. Also corresponding amount of disk space is added to the plan. If you have several mailboxes, all of their limit will increase at the same time. In some cases the total amount of disk space may not be sufficient, which may require purchasing additional disk space or limit the size of other mailboxes. If you need larger than 10 GB mailboxes, we recommend moving to Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 services.

Scalability to web hosting

Our email hosting services are easily scalable, and the plan easily adapts to your future needs as well. All of our mail hosting plans includes disk space for static HTML websites for your domain, but in case you later need fast WordPress hosting or our web site builder, it's easy to switch plan at anytime. Also DNS service is available on standard, so if you need to forward your domains web trafic to other services (e.g. Wix, Shopify), that is easily implemented. 

World's fastest cloud servers

Hostaan email hosting plans are utilizing World's fastest European cloud platform UpCloud. Our 24/7 monitored High Availability cloud servers provides the best possible environment for your email services in all circumstances.


Our cloud based server technology eliminates any single point failures to make your email very reliable. Super fast UpCloud MaxIOPs 'faster than SSD' disk arrays are utilized on all of our servers to run all your services with blazing speed!