We plant trees in Finland

We are a carbon neutral company and have retrospectively offset all of the carbon dioxide we have generated since our first year of operation.


We consider it important to lead by example and implement our services with environmental considerations in mind. Our contribution to climate issues are transparent and can be shown in understandable way.

Minimizing Emissions in Our Operations


We have chosen to provide all of our services with highly energy efficient cloud servers. In practice this means that our services run on cloud-based virtual servers, whose energy footprint is only a small fraction of the energy consumption of an entire physical server.

We Compensate All CO2 - And More


On average, 50% of the energy in the server rooms we use is generated from renewable energy sources. Despite this, we compensate 100% of all our energy consumption - not only for our virtual servers, but also for the electricity consumption of our office, heating, hardware, paper and office waste. We are proud to say that we are not a carbon-neutral but a carbon-negative company.

No Emission Rights - But Trees in Finland

We do not buy CO2 cerficates in opaque emissions market where it is unclear how emissions will be offset. The CO2 compensation we have chosen is done annually in the joint planting in Finland. This is done by Finnish company Puuni Oy, and this means concrete and transparent climate measures in Finland.


Puuni Oy reforests a number of former wastelands corresponding to our carbon dioxide emissions. These wastelands are not afforested naturally for due to e.g. strong hay growth. This is an increase in afforestation, a climate effect that would not have occured naturally. Afforestation has been recognzed as the most effective way to combat climate change. In addition, afforestation employs local residents in Finland.

Diversified Forests

The plantations do not create tree fields of one tree species, but deciduous and mixed forests, which are resistant to tree diseases and pests due to several tree species (resilience). Mixed forests provide ecological compartments for a wide range of species (biodiversity) and are climate-resistant at higher temperatures in the future - thanks to deciduous and hardwood trees. The forests will be protected and the age of the carbon sinks will be contractually set no less than 100 years.  

Specific Climate Acts That Matter


The CO2 emissions we have generated in 2019-2023 was compensated by planting a carbon sink in the common forests of Mikkeli city, Finland. These plantings were done in 2022 and 2023. On this page, you can find more about the planting, the location as well as the CO2 compensations of later years.

Choose a Service Provider That Cares


Concrete actions bring about change. Hostaan Ltd is committed to doing everything we can to preserver our living environment, nature and climate. With your own choise, you can do good too by choosing Hostaan Ltd as your service provider.