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Fi domain requirements

Traficom is official authority provisioning Fi domain names in Finland. Hostaan Ltd is official Fi registrar and takes can take care of all administrative tasks from registering, renewing and maintaining your Fi domain names.


However, there are some special requirements that must be met when registering Fi domain names. As official registrar our duty is to inform our customers about these special requirements, because the domain applicant is responsible of Fi domain legality - meaning you. So please read very carefully this page if you are planning to register Fi domain name.


Make sure your FI domain name is lawful

Please notice that if domain name is not registered it does not automatically mean it is available for registration. Domain name holders are responsible for making sure that the domain name they have registered is lawful. This includes the following:


  • The domain name must not infringe a protected name or trademark owned by another party
  • And must not even resemble these protected names or trademarks, in case domain is registered for harmful purposes

You can lose the domain name you have registered if requested by the owner of the infringed name or trademark.


Also Fi domain names must always be registered for the actual owner (end user) to make sure these rights are fulfilled. This is important especially in cases where middleman (for example reseller or web site designer) orders the hosting in behalf for a client. In these cases order must be done by the client name.


Other requirements related to domain name applicant no longer exists. Fi domain can be applied by any natural persons or companies from all over the World. However, person's birth date or company's VAT code is required for registration. Also nationality, residence, street address, phone number and other such data is mandatory.

Technical requirements of FI domains:


✅ Domain may contain characters a-z and numbers 0-9 ja dash-minus sign (-). Also allowed characters are Finnish native characters ä,ö and å and Finnish Saami characters.

✅ IDN domain is not recommended for primary domain as they may have compatibility issues with different technical limitations. If you want to have IDN domain we recommend to register non-IDN domain for primary domain (ie. and IDN version (esim. ääkkö as domain alias forwarding to primary domain.

IDN domains are handled in most cases as punycode (or ACE as ASCII Compatible Encoding) form. This means that in certain conditions, for example file paths domain ääkkö will transform to This is why it is not recommended for primary domain.

Before registering Fi domain names

Consult the public registers to make sure that the domain name does not infringe someone else's name or trademark protected in Finland or within the EU:


✅ Names entered into the Finnish registers of trade, foundations or political parties, Finnish trademark register, Finnish register of Associations


✅ Names of diplomatic missions of foreign states or their bodies, names of public body or its bodies


✅ Established names, secondary marks or trademarks referred to in the Business Names Act or Trademark Act


✅ Trademarks entered into the trademark register of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).


The following registries must be searched before registering FI domain name: