SmartWP Comparison




Disk Space

5 GB (SSD)

10 GB (SSD)

15 GB (SSD)


50 GB/mo

100 GB/mo

150 GB/mo

CPU limit




RAM limit

1024 MB

1536 MB

2048 MB

Database support

✅ MySQL (5 pcs)

✅ MySQL (10 pcs)

✅ MySQL (15 pcs)

Primary domains avail.

1 pc

1 pc

1 pc

- Domain aliases




- Subdomains

1 pcs

2 pcs

3 pcs


1 pcs (1 GB/pc)

5 pcs (1 GB/pc)

10 pcs (1 GB/pc)

- Mail forwarders




- Autoresponders





- SMTP service (SSL)

- Spam Filter

- Webmail




DNS Management

Fast HTTP/2 Server

Nginx & Apache + Nginx caching

Nginx & Apache + Nginx caching

NginX & Apache + Nginx caching

- HTTPS support

- Free SSL certificate

Let's Encrypt

Let's Encrypt

Let's Encrypt

- htaccess/mod_rewrite

- SSH shell, WP-CLI, GIT, PHP Composer

✅ (on request)

✅ (on request)

✅ (on request)

PHP support

✅ 8.3 (or 7.4-8.2)

✅ 8.3 (or 7.4-8.2)

✅ 8.3 (or 7.4-8.2)

- PHP memory limit

1024 MB

1024 MB

1024 MB

Wordpress Toolkit

+ Application installation and updates with a few clicks

- Importing Tools for web pages and emails

- WordPress Staging

- Smart PHP Updates

- Smart Updates

ImunifyAV+ malware cleaning

Custom error pages

Password protected dir's

Web statistics (Awstats)

Daily backups

Phone support (9am - 3pm)

Price (VAT excl.)

9,98 €/mo

12,98 €/mo

16,98 €/mo



Add-ONS Available in our hosting plans

All of our web hosting plans can be modified with the following add-ons:

Free Add-ons

DNS Modifications

✅ (for free on request)

SSH/SFTP support

✅ (for free on request)

Password reset and resending of email instructions

✅ (for free on request)


Add-ons with extra fee



Additional disk space

+ 1,00 €/mo per +1 GB

Additional bandwidth

+ 1,00 €/mo per +10 GB

Additional mailboxes

+ 1,00 €/mo per pc

Enlarged mailbox limit

+ 2,00 €/mo per +1 GB for all mailboxes


Chargeable tasks



Reopening expired account

- In addition to original invoice extra fee is

29 € / account

Reconfiguring primary domain

29 € / per time

Restore anything from backups

- By yourself (requires backups taken by you)

for free

- Ordered from our support

as an hourly job

Invoicing fee (by regular mail)

2,40 €

Invoice reminder fee (by regular mail)

4,03 €

Hourly work (by request)

- On business hours

98 € / h*

- On other occasions

198 € / h*

Free WordPress Migration Included

All of our SmartWP hosting plans includes free WordPress migration. Free migration is available by request. Please mention this in your order. Free migration requires access to your current WordPress admin area and installing All-in-One WP Migration plugin. Free migration is not available from sites residing in or any reselled plans. This offer is valid until further notice.

Are you looking for unmanaged WordPress?

If you want worry-free WordPress with fully automated heuristic automatic updates - we recommend these plans. In case you still want to install and update your WordPress by yourself, check also our regular WP hosting and its comparison.

On this page you can find detailed comparison of our Managed WordPress hosting plans. Also check out our regular WP plans. Please remember that all of our plans can be also customized with add-ons.  


All of our WP hosting clients are placed on our web hosting servers residing in World's fastest UpCloud's cloud infrastructure. All plans includes HTTP/2 support, free SSL certificate (Let's Encrypt), PHP 8.3 support, SMTP service, Plesk Control Panel and numerous other features.

Prices excludes VAT that is added to invoice. * Hourly work will be invoiced within units of half an hour. Minimum charge of ordered hourly work is 49€ (outside business hours 99€).