Changes to Google Workspace pricing starting May 2, 2023


Google changed their Google Workspace pricing, raising the list prices significantly in March 2023. Unfortunatelly, since we will no longer be able to offer Google products to out customers at the old price, we also need to revise the price list accordingly as follows.


The new Google Workspace pricing from 2023-05-02:


  • Business Starter: €6.98/mo
  • Business Standard: €13.98/mo
  • Business Plus: €20.98/mo


Existing, already invoiced Google Workspace services will remain at the old prices untill the end of the current invoicing period, after which they will be invoiced according the new price list.


At the same time, we apologize to our customers for the price increases of Google Workspace, which unfortunatelly we cannot influence from our side. However, we strive to continue to offer our customers a first class service for Google Workspace, such as including free installation, DNS management for free, excellent customer support in both Finnish and English, and flexible payment of services by invoice.