Google Workspace and Smart PHP Updates has finally arrived


The long-awaited Google Workspace has finally arrived in our selections. We are now officially Google Partner and trough us, Google Workspace services are available to order. Also new Smart PHP Updates are here for free to use in all of our WordPress hosting and developing plans.


Google Workspace cloud environment

Google Workspace replaces traditional tasks and locally installed word processing and spreadsheet software, calendar, email, chat and video calls, making work more efficient with centralized data storage, collaborating and effortless communication. All Google Workspace subscriptions include:

  • Cloud and browser-based tools for collaboration and communication
  • Professional email (domain to be registered seperately)
  • Large Google Drive storage for your company's files
  • Built-in security and centralized user rights management


When you order Google Workspace services trough us, you also get free DNS name services for your domain name, and the services can be paid with invoice (no credit card required).


The service can also be ordered as an additional service to an existing web hosting plan - and in addition, we can also transfer the Google Workspace subscription ordered from elsewhere to a billable service trough us. So you can centralize all the services to us and receive a single annual bill. Contact our customer support and we'll be happy to help you on transfering services to us.

Smart PHP Updates

Our WordPress hosting get also better and better. Now we are introducing the Smart PHP Updates as an standard in all of our WordPress and Dev plans. This makes possible to:


  • Changing PHP version yourself directly from the Plesk control panel

  • Smart PHP Updates to test your WordPress compatibility before switching to new PHP

  • New PHP 8.2, which is now available in addition to versions 8.1, 8.0 and 7.4


The new Smart PHP Updates feature is standard on all of our WordPress and Dev plans without extra fee.


We are happy to help with all questions related to our service, both Google Workspace and PHP versions.