Modsecurity WAF will be deployed on our servers


We are improving the service security features and will start utilizing ModSecurity web application firewall for all our our servers with the Comodo rule set. In practise this means that we will further enhance the security of our clients server applications by moving to proactive methods to prevent various application vulnerabilities and attacks.


Modsecurity WAF (web application firewall) will be started in phases on different servers during June 2021. We will notify our customers of the deployment of each server by email seperately.


The change should not have a noticeable effect on the speed or performance of our services, but some invidual applications or parts of them, such as certain heavy WordPress theme editors, may experience performance issues.


Therefore, we ask that you report all the issues you may encounter on your site after Modsecurity has been deployed on your server, so that we can investigate it and apply customer-specific settings to resolve the issue.