Our services were renewed: and other improvements in our plans


In order to serve our customers better, we have renewed our services. For WordPress professionals, we are introducing the new toolbox. Sitebuilder is being renewed as a, and we are also introducing new service plans suitable for both DNS and email hosting. In addition, Google Workspace plans are very soon available from us. Other renovations have also been made to our WordPress plans. - New toolkit for Professionals


The new is a toolkit especially aimed at website designers, in which we have gathered our services suitable for WordPress business. Under this brand you will find our renewed WordPress Dev Tools, affiliate program and our other products suitable for WordPress professionals.


Whether you are already a our design partner or developer, or you are just considering becoming one, check our new tools at


Dev + Pub is now

We have also renewed the WP Dev Tools (previously called Dev + Pub) to Based on the feedback from our developers, the disk space limits of development environment have been perceived as limiting. So we renewed the plans and now all plans contain double the amount of disk space while the prices remain the same and the free period of the smallest dev plan increases to 12 months. If you are using only the Develop plans (and not Publish), there will be no other changes in the service at this time. You will find the renewed development environment at


Publish add-on plans are replaced by new WP Lite plans

The Publish add-ons previously in connection with the Develop plans will change their form and be merged into new WP Lite plans. These new WordPress plans are resellable via affliliate program as well as can be also ordered directly with your own development account enabling also centralized management


The reason for the change is to improve site security. The WordPress sites published under the Publish plans have been run in our cloud server environment with the same shared Dev + Pub system user. This is not recommmended for production sites, as the disk spaces are not isolated from each other with seperate system user, thus possibly exposing a malware to get into several WordPress installations at once. As we don't want to compromise our customer's data security, the Publish add-on will have to merge into seperate plans, and sites have to be run by invidual system user for each installed Wordpress. So websites published in Dev + Pub environment will be converted into new WP Lite plans by the end of the each developer's current billing period.


The conversion will be done automatically, adn this does not require any action from our Dev + Pub customers. As developer, you will continue to see the same WordPress production pages directly from your account. In the change, however, the invoicing of the published sites will change as wholesale billing of Publish plans will be replaced by seperate bills of each site plan (typically as a WP Lite plan, unless the resources require a larger service).


If you have previously used Publish plans to provide web hosting services for your customers, you can continue in the same way as before and send invoices for your customers according to your own price list. The average total prices of WordPress installation in Dev + Pub environment have ben around 4-5 € per month per installed WordPress, depending on the plan. If no all the resources in the Publish plan have not been in actively used, the total price could have been even higher.


After the change, the pricing will become transparent and predictable, because in the future we will only bill for each published site (e.g. WP Lite 5.98€/Month) and you won't have to pay for any unused resources of the Publish wholesale plan. In addition, now you can also use our affiliate program plans ordered directly to your own account and also receive an 20% resale commission for new services ordered.


For WordPress agencies that maintain dozens of WordPress sites on their account, we recommend our Managed Cloud Unlimited servers as an alternative to the former Dev + Pub platform. In this solution, the digital agency can have its own managed server, which can be productized according to agency's own brand and services. You can find more information about our Managed Cloud Unlimited servers on our website - renewed website builder


Website builder has also now been renewed. The biggest technical improvement is the editor, which is now more versatile than before, and will automatically construct responsive web pages (compared earlier when designer had manually position each of text and image elements to four seperate canvases). Now this step is removed and the pages are build to be responsive out of the box.


The new website builder will automatically convert your existing web pages to new layout canvas. You are offered this option when you open the website builder next time. You are free to convert the pages, and also revert back to former versio in case the conversion doesn't work as you wish. (In some cases, the content and appearance of the converted website may have to be modified manually to some extent.)


Our support pages will instruct you more about the new website editor here. have now renewed plans too. The service does not any more require seperate hosting plan and sitebuilder add-on, but is available as single service, with three seperate plans all including web site, website builder and email services. You can find out about the plans and their pricing directly from our website here:


In this renewal, we automatically convert the each existing client hosting plan with sitebuilder add-on into corresponding new plan, depending on the resources used by the customer. On a general level, Site Lite is sufficient fot most customers, in which case the price of the service drops by up to 37% (compared to the previous Start hosting + Sitebuilder add-on).


New affordable DNS plan


In order to better serve our customers who register a domain and want redirect it to third-party services (such as, Shopify, Microsoft 365, etc.), we now also offer a DNS management plan that enables you to set DNS entries like A records and MX records to your domain. And this is affordable, as in this plan no other services (like emails or support for websites) are not provided by us. Check out more about the new DNS service on our website here.


New email plans


Many of our customers have requested email services only. To meet this demand, we introduce our new cost-effective email plans:


These plans can also be extended with additional mailboxes and larger mailbox size, which both now includes the required extra disk space too. This way the price of the add-on remains affordable and in many cases it is worthwhile equip the email plan with extra mailbox or two, before upgrading to the next plan.


The renewed mail plans will replace the outdated Start 2 GB and Basic 3 GB plans, and the customer using these plans will be automatically merged into new Email hosting plans, Sitebuilder hosting plans or WordPress plans, depending the resources they use. The merged new plans are shown in My Hostaan portal and on the invoices send for the next billing period.


Uniform product naming and renewed WordPress plans


One of the goal of the reforms is to make us better serving the different customers. The naming convention of our product line (email plans, sitebuilder plans, WordPress plans) tries to unify the services. The smallest plan, which typically includes one mailbox, is called Lite in all product lines. The next comes Super having five mailboxes, Pro having ten mailboxes, etc.


The prefix in the name will identify the product line, and the latter part the product size (e.g. Email Lite, Site Lite, WP Lite, etc.). This also enables easy an flexible switching between plans, as for example, mailbox resources stays identical when switching from one plan to another that have the same name.


We have also increased the resources troughout all plans and now all plans have more disk space, bandwidth and mailboxes. Since all of our WordPress plans also include an email service (unlike most of our competitors), earlier set of resources have been insufficient for both WordPress installation and a full set of maiboxes. Now renewed plans solve this problem as ample amount of disk space (with some other resources too) have been added to every plan.


Despite the changes, we strive to keep our prices very competitive and affordable - especially compared to our main competitors. Unfortunatelly, due to the challenging inflationary economical environment causing cost pressures, we also have been forced make moderate adjustments to our pricing. For example, the price of the most affordable WP Lite plan (for fast WordPress hosting) is now 5,98€/month and Managed WordPress plan SmartWP Lite costs 9,98€/Month.


Our renewed WordPress plans and pricing is available in our web pages. You can find each of the WP product category is as follows:


WP plans:

SmartWP plans:

SmartWoo plans:


The renewed plans have been updated automatically for existing customers, and action is required. For old existing clients the price remains according to the old price list untile the end of the ongoing billing period. After that the customer receives the invoice for the new period, and can decide whether to continue the service as it is, or for example to change the plan to a smaller one by contacting our customer support.


Hostaan Ltd. will continue to offer very high-quality, reliable and blazingly fast High Availability server products to more than 2,000 domestic clients at lower price than its competitors. "Fast servers, fast support" will continue to be our service promise.


We warmly welcome all our customers, resellers and partners to continue with us and to benefir from the high-quality added value we generate in their business.