Are you a professional WordPress designer or run a WordPress agency? Hostaan pro is for you! It's a complete toolkit for freelancers, digital agencies and other professionals that do website business with WordPress.

1. - Development environment in the cloud

From us you get a development environment for building WordPress websites directly on our cloud servers. You don't need cumbersome LAMP environment on your own computer or other locally installed development platforms. In our cloud development environment, you can, for example, deploy a new WordPress installation with a mouse click and immediately start designing the site, without yet ordering a web hosting plan for the customer. The development installation can also be easily hidden from search engines, protected with a password or cloned to a new WordPress instance.

In our development environment, you build a WordPress website ready for the customer to be seen directly online - also based on your own subnet address like


For WordPress Professionals, we offer a development environment from 0€/Month (12 months)

Tools for

2. - centralized managing

When you want to publish developed WordPress website into production, you have two possible choises: Either migrate the site to a web hosting plan (ordered from us or any 3rd party provider - with us you will also receive a reseller commission as a partner - See the point 3 below) - or alternatively you can publish the site by ordering a suitable hosting product directly to your account. In this way, you take care of paying for the service yourself on behalf of the customers, bur you can also productize the hosting service freely, add your own additional services (e.g. WordPress maintenance contract) to it and bill the end customer with the margin you want. enables centralized management of development and production pages from the one and the same account.

3. - partnership is worth

In case you want to order a web hosting plan for production site directly to the customer, you can easily do that in our ordering system in behalf of end customer. By filling the technical person data in customer details, you will also receive email instructions to use the service.


In this case we will take care of billing directly the customer and if you have joined the program, we pay you a 20% affiliate commission for eah such new order. In larger plans the commission is recurring. You can easily see the accumulated commissions in our partner portal and you can invoice the commission from us after the minimum amount has cumulated.


Orders made this way (directly to customer's name) eases your tasks, as we take care of billing the customer each year and also the customer support.


Join the partnership program right away - it costs nothing and does not bind you to anything!


World's fastest cloud servers

It is of the utmost importance to choose a server provider whose service is both fast and reliable. This ensures the satisfaction of your own customers and boosts your own business.


Hostaan servers are utilizing World's fastest European cloud platform UpCloud. Our 24/7 monitored High Availability cloud servers provides the best possible environment for your WordPress site or WooCommerce online store in all circumstances. Our cloud based server technology eliminates any single point failures to make your website reliable. Super fast UpCloud MaxIOPs 'faster than SSD' disk arrays are utilized on all of our servers to run your websites with blazing speed!

Everything you need - from the same partner

With us you are provided with all the tools for succesfull WordPress business. We offer development environment for your WordPress projects, blazing fast and stable cloud servers to run your customer's websites in production, versatile tools for managing, maintaining and updating WordPress installations, and also a partnership for the earning logic you choose. We pay either resale commission for each imported customer - or alternatively you can do business by refining our service and productizing it into your own billable service.

WordPress Toolkit for Easy WordPress Management

We think it's important to do things in an easy way. Each of our WordPress plans always includes WordPress Toolkit as standard - a set of tools which makes deploying, cloning, updating and backing up WordPress websites easy and fast. The free Let's Encrypt SSL certificat is also always standard, and it's easy to install. There are also plans based on Smart Updates - a technology, where WordPress updates can be oursourced to us - and to allow you to focus on providing your customers with a superior WordPress service.

Exceptionally excellent support

It's not only the speed and reliabity of our servers, but also the promptness and expertise of our customer support that makes our service exceptional. Our acclaimed customer support will server you or your client promptly and professionally in all situations. You can be sure that you will not have to wait for days for an answer.


On office hours we usually respond within hours, often even in minutes! Our support specialists can be reached by phone, email and via the chat message window. IN addition, our emercency service monitors the operation of the servers and reacsts in critical failures in the evenings and on weekendes, 24/7.

The best Tools for WordPress Professionals: - Toolbox

We warmly welcome you and your digital agency as our partner!

Pro Tools for Pro Creators

Take the first step today and unlock a free .dev development environment and join our .partners program.

4. Managed Cloud for Digital Agencies

Does your digital agency maintain dozens of WordPress websites? Are you looking for a new server partner? Managed Cloud Agency server could be excellent choise for your WordPress business.


Managed Cloud Agency servers run on our superior server platform and include everything for one fixed monthly fee: server infrasturcture, maintenance, software licenses, monotoring, updates and troubleshooting.


Your WordPress agency gets its own, managed, blazing fast and reliable cloud server, where you can host your customer's WordPress sites and emails - whereas Hostaan provides the technology, invoicing only for the server. You can brand and productize the server's services freely - and bill your customers based on your own price list.


Check out our Managed Cloud Agency solutions for digital agencies!