I am an European cloud web host whose servers are located in UpCloud's and Hetzner's data centers in Helsinki, Stockholm, London, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Falkenstein, Amsterdam, Varsova and Madrid.*

I am Hostaan

Let's take a look

What kind of blocks have I been built from...

All pieces in their place

On serious digital business it's very important to find partner, who can offer reliable hosting for your website. See the composition of Hostaan servers below.

Hostaan servers

On the top of everything

Each of our servers uses a very fast 1000 Mbit/s Internet connection

Server Monitoring 24/7


All of our servers are monitored automatically per once in a minute. In the event of a fault, the atomation repairs itself - or alerts the duty officer.

Skilled pair of hands

Hostaan staff has more than 15 years of industry experience in providing professional services

Exceptional Server Body

Our production servers are robust 6 to 8 core VPS with overprovisioned resources in relation to the customers.

Gears running smoothly

Servers have always software up to date and patches installed in time for uncompromized security.

Fast SSD's

UpCloud's and Hetzner's fast SSD disks guarantee delay-free disk operations.

Reliability with Certaintity

World's fastest cloud

Europe's best-chosen UpCloud and their MaxIOPs disk system makes our cloud service faster than similar provided on AWS, Google, Microsoft or any other competitor's cloud servers.

Uncompromized Security

The level of security has been significantly increased with various configuration, automation and firewall solutions. In addition, Imunify AV scanning is performed on a regular basis.

Scalable server resources

We constantly monitor the demand of server resources and upscale servers when needed. With us you can trust that your websites opens fast.

Multiple backups

Our servers and client data is backed up with multiple systems, per daily and weekly basis. Own backups and restore can be also done with couple of clicks.

*) All Of our European clients' data is residing  within the borders of European Union and complies with GDPR legislation

High Availability Cloud Servers

Our service is build in a fault-tolerant cloud-based enviroment, where virtual servers can be easily spawned from one platform to another, enabling a highly reliable service, unlike traditional services on a single physical device. In addition name servers and server backup systems have been duplicated in different geographical locations. All data resides inside EU borders and under the GDPR legislation. The server rooms meet ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System), SOC2 Type II (Service Organisation Controls), PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), ISO 22301 (Business Continuity Management System) as well as ISO 9001 (Quality Management) certifications.

When choosing Hostaan Ltd as your server partner, you make an excellent choise. We maintain your services with care and profession on our modern, fast and reliable High Availablity servers in Europe.


With us, you can be sure that y our website or online store and email services will work with highest standards and securely. Make a great choise today - choose Hostaan.

Choose a reliable server partner.

Worldwide Locations

In addition to the European locations, our servers are also available in North America from five locations: New York, Chicago, San Jose, Hillsbury and Ashburn - and from the Far East in Singapore and Australia.