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It's easy to create your own website with Hostaan Sitebuilder. You can create a website even in 10 minutes!

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Easy But Versatile Editor

Hostaan Sitebuilder is an unique tool to build stunning responsive websites that works also in mobile! Sitebuilder is very easy to use and requires no experience in HTML or installing CMS platforms. The only thing you need is one of our hosting plans and Hostaan Sitebuilder add-on for it - and you are ready to go. 

With Our Sitebuilder

Create a Site


Forget Wordpress and its complexity!

It doesn't matter if you are a novice or an website expert - With Hostaan Sitebuilder you can forget the technical difficulties and concentrate on creating stunning websites with great productivity. Sitebuilder allows you to do nearly anything. It's very easy to use - just like any text editing or layout designing software.


Create a Stunning Website Even in 10 Minutes:

✅ Select one of over 200 pre-made templates and modify them freely

✅ Write any text content and replace any images on the site

✅ Click "Publish" and your new site is done. That was easy!

Are you a Professional Website Designer?

Hostaan Sitebuilder works for you too! It's got a huge set of features inbuilt.


✅ You can start a new design from ready made template or from scratch - with no limits

✅ Place text elements, images, graphics freely on any location by dragging with mouse

✅ Creates reduced image sizes automatically thus eliminating manual image processing

Pixabay royalty free images, Google Fonts and Font Awesome integrated!

This is Hostaan Sitebuilder:

Easy Graphical Platform

✅ WYSIWYG editing

✅ Responsive layouts

✅ Works on every browser

✅ Publish sites with one click

Safe and Speedy

✅ Creates safe HTML pages - No need for WordPress updates!

✅ Pages load very snappy

✅ MySQL support not required

Versatile Features

✅ Multilevel menus

Images, gallery ja carousel, Pixabay and Font Awesome

✅ Google Maps and Calendar

✅ Multiple languages and Forms

✅ E-Commerce platform with multiple payment gateways

Easy to Integrate

✅ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr modules.

✅ Youtube and Vimeo modules 

✅ Google Adsense Tools

Chat Modules ( etc.) 

✅ Custom HTML and Javascript can be added easily

Universal Tool for Creating Websites

With Hostaan Sitebuilder you can create nearly everything - a website for your business or personal use, hobbies or for example a simple landing page, image gallery or even E-Commerce site with multiple payment gateways! All this with one single monthly price.


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