Hostaan Smart Updates is a technology that fully automates WordPress Updates in a safe way with auto-regression. No more broken cumbersome WordPress updates or broken websites for you to fix. Leave worrying to us and you can focus on the content.

Automated WordPress Updates

WorldPress is vulnerable to a variety of malware if its security updates are not installed regular basis. Updates can be automated - or applied manually with a few clicks from our control panel. This is supported on default in Hostaan's excellent WP hosting plans and Managed Cloud 2.0 environments.


However, the weakness of regular automatic updates is that withouth a seperate compatibility check, they can break the site. For this reason on most cases updates should be done manually with extreme care - and also with backups taken befor starting the update process.

Smart Updates


Update smartly with Smart Updates

Hostaan Smart Updates solves this problem. It implements WordPress updates* using algorithm-based logic: Updates are ran automatically, but with tests included. Smart Updates reacts immediately on new updates. As soon as they arrive, it clones your WordPress site is updated in a separate environment. Then Smart Updates analyzes whether the update was successful by testing invidual pages before updating. The production site is upgraded only when this test passes.


*) Smart Updates does not support WordPress multisite installations nor updates to paid plugins that has automated updates disabled by the plugin developer.


Did you know this?

✅ Smart Updates is standard on all our SmartWP and SmartWoo hosting plans as well as developing environment, but is also available as an add-on for Managed Cloud 2.0 and Reseller Cloud 2.0 servers.

Smart Updates - also for professionals

Are you a website designer offering also WordPress maintenance as additional service for your clients? Smart Updates can help you to make money by saving your precious time. Leave clutter-related steps behind from cloning to testing WordPress - and just get automated comparison of screenshots. This tool helps you to automate updates - or speed up manual upgrade work.


Smart Updates is available for Managed Cloud 2.0 and Reseller Cloud 2.0 servers at wholesale price:

✅ 5 sites: +10,00€/mo
✅ 10 sites: +19,00€/mo
✅ 20 sites: +35,00€/mo
✅ 30 sites: +49,00€/mo
✅ Unlimited sites: +99,00€/mo (also includes Smart PHP Updates)